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Available Chargers

We at Rogers Electric have installed an EV Charger or two.  One thing we don't like to do, is worry about the product after the fact.  Because of that we have made sure every EV Charger we offer is from a top manufacture that we have come to trust.

The Permit Process

When it comes time to get your permit, the steps may seem confusing or overwhelming.  Don't worry, Roger's Electric Corp.  will help your through every step of the process.


1 plot plan

2 load calculation

3 wiring diagram

4 manual

5 all applicable codes

6 ada compliance

Steps To Take

Once you decide on the right EV charger Roger's Electric Corp. will take you through the following steps

Recommended Install Locations

Your Home

EV Charging Station

Onsite Assesment




install & Use

final inspection

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